Sports related benefits

Don’t allow pain to get in the way of your athletic performance

For athletes seeking non-invasive treatment for soft tissue injuries, Red Light Therapy can provide you pain relief and a speedier recovery. Whether you have suffered an injury to your legs, back, shoulder or other area, Red Light Therapy can do wonders for your body’s healing process. But is there any science to back up this statement?

Red Light Therapy has been evaluated by multiple medical studies, and what these studies revealed is promising. When those who suffered multiple sclerosis and some types of blindness were treated with Red Light Therapy, their damaged tissue was repaired and their cellular function returned to normal.

Below is a list of Red Light Therapy benefits for athletes

  • Prevents your muscles from becoming fatigued
  • Boosts circulation, muscle growth, and skeletal muscle performance
  • Relieves deep muscle and joint pain
  • Helps return cellular function to normal
  • Reduces inflammation and repairs damaged tissue
  • Produces more collagen and elastin in your body
  • Heals blemishes and other skin conditions faster
  • Promotes firmer, healthier and sexier skin
  • Helps ease the pain from cuts, burns and skin abrasions
  • Fades the appearance of crow’s feet and wrinkles
  • Reduces rough skin and the unsightly appearance of large pores
  • Helps eradicate rosacea, repair sun damage to your skin, and reduce stretch marks and scarring

Say goodbye to muscle fatigue

Are fatigued muscles slowing you down? Red Light Therapy can prevent this from happening in the first place. The revolutionary therapy fights back against normal muscle fatigue that takes a toll on your body when working out, training or performing strenuous exercise. It does this by optimising your muscles for better function and health, so you can rely on them to push yourself further when you need them most. But what’s the science behind this?

Red Light Therapy promotes optimal muscle performance by enhancing your mitochondria. The healing therapy prevents muscle fatigue by helping mitochondria improve their respiration cycle and create energy in a more efficient manner.

Optimise your muscles and promote their growth

Research has revealed that Red Light Therapy can naturally help increase the size, bulk and strength of your muscles, effectively promoting muscle growth. The therapy achieves this by targeting myosatellite cells, which promote your muscle health both now and well into the future. But that’s not all. Because Red Light Therapy intensifies mitochondrial action, it may also help you heal faster from muscle injury or fatigue.

No drugs. No steroids. Just a natural treatment to optimise your muscles.

It almost sounds too good to be true, but Red Light Therapy can get you in fantastic shape and optimise the performance of your muscles without drugs or steroids. It can help you achieve more muscle growth, more strength and optimal muscle function. With Red Light Therapy, you can finally train at the highest level possible.

Whether you are a student, body builder, professional athlete or someone who just likes to hit the gym on the weekend, Red Light Therapy offers you a proven solution that can help you gain significant results in the gym and become the athlete you aspire to be. You can minimise the risk of muscle injury or fatigue. Call us today to learn more about how Red Light Therapy can help you.