Beauty Benefits

A Red Light Therapy collagen bed is perfect for you or your customers. The revolutionary technology it utilises will help make your skin look younger, healthier and more beautiful. By penetrating deeply into your skin’s dermis layer, it stimulates the natural production of your skin’s collagen levels. Collagen, often referred to as the miracle protein, is incredibly plentiful in your body and has a wide range of benefits. When its levels are high, your skin will benefit from increased moisture levels, more elasticity and also stronger hair. But there’s more.

In addition to collagen’s astounding beauty benefits, it also has many health benefits. As noted above, collagen has a special power to improve the strength and health of your hair and skin. Not surprisingly, it may also do the same for the health of your joints and bones—improving their strength and durability. The miracle protein can also do wonders for your digestive system, as it may coat your digestive track and alleviate painful problems with your gut. And last, new research has shown that collagen may also improve your body’s amino acid balance while supporting the natural hormone production in your body.

If you give Red Light Therapy a try, the above are just a few of the incredible benefits that can improve your health and appearance. But there is more. To demonstrate the power of the revolutionary collagen bed, we’ve outlined a long list of benefits that show you exactly how Red Light Therapy can help you.

Beauty benefits

  • Fades the appearance of crow’s feet, and wrinkles on your forehead, eyes and throughout your body
  • Reduces rough skin and the unsightly appearance of large pores
  • Promotes firmer, sexier and healthier skin
  • Helps eradicate rosacea, repair sun damage to your skin, and reduce stretch marks and scarring
  • Heals blemishes faster

Health benefits

  • Alleviates wrist pain, neck pain, deep muscle pain, shoulder pain, joint pain, and sore back pain
  • Helps repair damaged tissue
  • Heals bruises quickly and can reduce swelling
  • Eases ankle injuries
  • Produces more collagen and elastin in your body

Benefits of our Three Step Skin Care System

While Red Light Therapy can transform the appearance of your skin, there is a way to enhance its benefits. This can be accomplished simply, with our Three Step Skin Care System that was created to complement and maximise your time spent in a Red Light Therapy collagen bed. When these skin care products are applied regularly along with your Red Light Therapy routine, you will gain quicker results and see even greater benefits to your skin’s appearance. How do these skin products enhance your Red Light Therapy treatment? Let’s look at the individual benefits below.

Micro Mist EVO Pre Red Light Spray

  • Preps your skin before you go in a Red Light Therapy collagen bed
  • Helps establish proper PH levels for optimal benefit
  • Ensures your skin’s PH levels are balanced and optimal
  • Fragrance free and hypo allergic, so you won’t notice it on your skin

Ultra-Concentrated EVO Post Therapy Serum

  • Assists in providing the skin a brighter and more toned appearance
  • Moisturises your skin so that it feels fresh and revitalised

Ultra-Concentrated EVO Post Therapy Lotion

  • Helps prevent premature aging of the skin while stimulating elastin and collagen
  • Reduces cellulite by utilising a special Micro technology

Ultra-Concentrated EVO Post Therapy Eye Serum

  • Diminishes dark circles under your eyes
  • Reduces puffiness around your eyes